What started as an impulse, creating silver pillboxes for myself using the lost wax process, gave me so much more than the pleasure of indulging my hobby – but an opportunity to create work for wonderful artists and artisans who have helped me develop my hobby into a community based business.

I work closely with the carvers who create the image in wax. They are enthusiastic about the business as they enjoy bringing Africa to life through the animals, fruits and flowers. Vali-Cohen Collectibles are therefore crafted with enthusiasm and excitement . They are silver with a soul...

The carvers' work is typical of the region - and I encourage them to bring in their own creativity and ideas. My main carver is Driefontein trained and his detail is beautiful. He has designed and created a wonderful Serima series
depicting rural life - and he receives commission on all pieces sold.

Our product is sterling silver and we belong to The Standards Association to ensure our product is of the highest quality.

We donate a percentage of web sales to needy school children and a percentage of sales of our wishbones to the aids orphans - buying a wishbone makes a wish come true for a needy child,.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Vali Cohen.


Vali Cohen Silver Collectables - 2015